The first man I give my virginity to would be my husband

Alejandra Quiroz

The first love advice I received from my mom is not never about love but rather sex education. Do not give yourself too soon to the person you are dating, if you want to give everything to the other person make sure you have dated him for at least half a year. The first time when I heard about it, I never fully understood the meaning. To me, dating is always about getting comfortable with each other first rather than having physical contact.

A huge part of me is envy regards to my mother’s relationship. My dad was her first love and the last. Secretly, I want that too. However, my generation doesn’t seem to have a place for such thoughts. It is easy to build up a connection with others just by talking and touching. A connection is never to be mistaken as a relationship, people are simply too easy to be replaced. We are living in the moment instead of spending rest of our times together with another person. One moment they loved you, next moment they don’t want to be with you.

In my mother’s words, she explained to me that maybe I would never get a chance of it. One shot right, I didn’t care about it as I am already prepared for not being able to find the right person. There is a peanut scene in How To Be Single when Lucy explained to Tom why she is single. In the end, it left with only one peanut which Tom thinks that the peanut is her boyfriend. Nope, she further smashes the peanut into many tiny pieces and further set the conditions for her partner. When there is only one tiny piece left that’s the guy she is looking for. In the last part of the peanut scene, Lucy already knew what kind of guy she wanted so now she just got to find this guy online. Therefore she went to tons of online dating sites to increase the chances of finding her dream guy.

The common piece of advice is if you want to have a relationship you need to meet more people. Is that really true? Partially, but not really true. To be honest I do want to broaden my social circle as I admitted it my circle of friends are relatively small. Within that small circle of friends, I don’t think my friends and I shared any sexual tension as time had already passed and I don’t date my friends by any chance. So why not give social media a chance since it is already available? Even if I managed to find love on tinder, people can’t comment on my love life. If you are going to be sour I am going to rub it in your face, I found love and you probably found tons of ONS(one night stands).

I know what kind of guy I am looking for, therefore I am not going to settle down with anything that comes to my life just because people told me not to be picky. He could be a really nice guy yet he cheats on me. He could be a loving guy when he is emotionally stable, but when he is not he would hit me. Why do I have to compromise? I don’t want to compromise on something that I know it’s toxic. My friends and mother told me I am too demanding in a relationship. That’s what I want as I never want to be seen as too easy for a guy. If he wants me he has to work hard for me as I am worth the effort.

My husband deserves the best of me as he already seen the worst of me.If I can’t find that man, is okay too. I know I am old fashioned, hence I craved for old-fashioned love.

Planning your solo budget trip

The view from my apartment.

Since I have been going for quite a few solo trips I can safely say this I know what to plan for my solo trip. Since this article is about Solo Budget Trip, we would be looking at the word “ BUDGET”.

Most people assumed I am rich because I get to travel to different places instead of always going to one country. The magic is the art of budgeting. At the moment I am in Melbourne from 28 March — 5 April. My budget is only $.19AUD. So how do I get the most of it?

Aeroplane ticket.
The first thing I checked is the aeroplane ticket at SkyScanner because of they provide the best rates to travel. They even provide the lowest rate in the month. However, there are things you should take note of when booking a budget flight. I made a mistake when comes to my carry on. Previously I dropped an email to the agency that I booked through, it mentioned to me that it is 10kg. In the actual context, the airline only allowed 7kg. So, in the end, I did pay just to get my luggage checked. Always double check with the airline regards to the weight of the carry-on. The downside of getting the cheapest air ticket is there is a limitation on the luggage.

Flinders Street Station

Personal items.
Always make e copy of everything important such as passport, IDs, aeroplane tickets(you could download airline apps on your phone for online check-in.) In case if you lose the physical copy, you can always have a backup copy.

Carry on.
If you booked a budget aeroplane tickets and wish not check your luggage. The things you can bring along is really limited.the safest is to wear the heaviest item that could be your jacket and extra backpack. Before you bring an extra bag, always double check with the airline. As they would consider a backpack is another carry on items. When comes to travel, you don’t really have to bring many items. The most basic items I would always have are 2 pants and 2 shirts and a pair of heels for me. Always make sure that the item you bring along is able to mix and match.As I am not going to any insta-worthy photos, so I don’t pay much attention to what I am wearing.

I understand how important does itinerary plays when comes to travelling. Depends on what you would like to achieve when travelling. For me, it is never about OOTD(outfit of the day) or going to tourist attractions.Most of the time your budget would impose on where you can go, where to dine or even what can you do. Most of the time I would not have a detailed itinerary, just a few major locations I would like to go. In my trip to Melbourne, I only wanted to go the University of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market and Starbucks. The rest would be self-exploring on my own. I stayed at Melbourne Central it is convenience for me to explore the different parts of the station. For once I managed to find my way to the Flinders Street Station by walking. As I was trying to locate St Paul’s Cathedral from my place, so in the end not only I found the Cathedral but also the art street.The best part of travelling is finding unexpected new places.

For this trip, $1.9AUD is inclusive of my accommodation.I found a great apartment located in Melbourne Central for $1037 inclusive of VAT(10% of taxes). As this trip is much longer than my usual trip which lasted for 3–5days. Therefore I am not going to stay in the hotel but an apartment.Most people would like to book Airbnb, I would prefer to stick to as I could always have an option to pay upon arrival instead of paying deposits which I don’t trust due to the lack of review.

Surprise cost.
Though you may already do some reseach regards to the destination. Still, there is always a surprise cost that you never expected. During my trip to Melbourne, there isn’t any surprise cost as I didn’t dine at any restaurant. On top of that, the only surprise cost would be the price of my apartment. First I assumed it would cost around $1.2AUD due to the conversion rate of the currency. Then it was much cheaper than I thought it would be. The surprising cost for me when comes to travelling would be buying gifts for people I love. I want them to share a part of my adventure as well, the best souvenirs are food.

Travelling is always a subchapter of my life, a small gateway for me to be mischievous and adventurous in another city.

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